IVILEX is an ivorian real estate company specialized in :

  • Rental, sale and management of property.
  • Real estate assistance (administrative procedures, recourse to a professional such as a notary, a surveyor...)
  • Houses' construction and renovation.

Our missions

Being aware of a reliable climate for the good behavior of real estate transactions, we have set ourselves missions that we hope to fulfill with self-abnegation.

It's a question to :

  • Respond to the strong demand for housing in Ivory Coast by offering quality goods and guaranteeing the security of transactions.
  • Inform the Ivorian population about their rights and duties concerning rental, sale and management of property .
  • Sensitize all people interested in real estate in Ivory Coast on best practices and how to behave in real transactions.
  • Promote law and vocational training in the real estate sector in Ivory Coast.


Our values

  • Transparency : We make available to our clients all the information they need for the good behavior of their real estate transactions.
  • Trust : We are constantly listening to our customers in order to respond appropriately to their needs and build a solid and lasting relationship. We also assume our committments to our customers and our partners.
  • Efficiency : We commit ourselves to our clients to provide them with the sercices they demand, with speed and professionalism.